BCM215 Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Britt Andrews

PITCH ONE: The Atmosphere of Addiction

Ben’s pitch is about examining the physical atmosphere provided by pubs, clubs and casinos in their gaming lounges to encourage poker machine use.

I felt this blog was the easiest of the three to engage with, as I had more to offer on this topic than the other two blogs. My comment was quite long so I will try to summarise it as briefly as possible. I started with suggesting some spelling and grammar issues which were prevalent throughout the post, before moving into suggesting he look at the psychology behind poker machines. I provided links to some sources – news articles and thinkpieces – on this topic, including one on how the psychology of poker machines can be applied to app design. In terms of suggested directions, I provided some background information on the types of companies (specifically Woolworths and AFL clubs) that…

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