A look at other people’s DA pitch

Just incase we need to do this as well.


My class had a range of DA (digital artifact) pitches and I had to comment on three. One focused on addiction, another power, and third on audio. Though the first two were similar in that both will use Fortnight, the addiction will also look at Minecraft while the Power will only briefly use addiction in relation to power.

Two of my comments started with a positive comment so the person wouldn’t feel attacked. It used an approached I’ve learnt from creative writing lessons, that is talking about how I felt when reading it because, though other people might disagree, it’s true that someone did. This approach is less useful in comments for blogs when people aren’t trying to make you feel a certain emotion.

“I’m curious if…” began my train of thought, as shown in the rest of the comment that will hopefully let the author give birth to their…

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