My incredibly useful feedback on some incredibly good BCM215 pitches

Generally unimpressed.

Along the process of creating my digital artefact, I’ve also had to engage with others digital artefacts in order to help to create a feedback loop. This engagement has come in the form of 3 comments on other students pitches, giving helpful advice, recommending potential resources as well as areas for improvement. Below is summaries of the three comments as well as a self reflection on the feedback I gave.

Comment 1: 

Pitch summary: This pitch introduced the concept of examining the effects of loot boxes on particularly younger audiences, likening them to gambling due to their unpredictable (and expensive) nature. 

Comment summary: My feedback for this post centred around suggestions such as shifting the aim of the digital artefact, exploring micro transactions as a precursor to loot boxes and exploring the desire to have an appealing avatar. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 3.28.18 pm.png Excerpt from the comment made on SaxonsParadise 

Self reflection: 

Within my comment…

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