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When you feel like it

Mai Dang’s digital artefact pitch was about the Sims and how she is going to do a series of three video essays. The first essay will concern the sims as “projected personality and values in simulated life.” I focused on this point in my comment and after some research found that it is not just people looking to “escape from real life” but people using The Sims as a framework for surviving real life. I gave her the link to the article and a short summary of the author’s points. Hopefully, she will include this  I learnt that not only does this exist but that it would be a great source to add to her first video essay. I accidentally posted the comment without the link! And so I had to make another comment so she could actually look at the source. I will learn from that mistake.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 4.22.30 pm


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