BCM 215 Comment Summary

Yo, its your boy: Real Vibe Doesn’t Match the Hype of his Post Comments. Check out this Comment summary and check out the other blogs here!

The Arkon Agency

The Three Pitches i covered were:

  • A Bear in There – Evolution of Board Games: Digital vs Analog by Isabella Joannou
  • Sarah’s Blog – Female Characters in Video Games = Equality? By Sarah Holiday
  • My Blog (a Blog) – Loot Boxes: “Surprise Mechanics” or Exploitative Tricks by Jesse Heslehurst (substituted for someone else who had not done their pitch)

Overall all three pitches were incredibly comprehensive and well thought out. I attempted to provide them with at least one large resource i felt would assist them in their future study of their topics. One theme began to present itself as I did this though and it is that theme I wish to reflect on.

Isabella’s pitch focused on Board games and their digital future, something i agreed was a great comment, providing a generic but direct source to a Top ten by Stonemaier Games that listed reasons why they were…

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