Food in Games (Pitch)


I intend to examine the representation of food in games from the past to now. And study how the food helps player immersion in games.


3 blog post (or video essays)

Post 1: the beginning of food in games

case study: Pec-Man, Super Mario

Post 2: food becomes the main (core) game mechanic, the character in games become more like real people

case study: survival game

main theory: when food becomes necessary for the game character, life in the game becomes more real.

case study: I will use the food recreation YouTube video to prove that the food in video games becomes more like food in real life. When the game world is very similar to the real one,players will easily and quickly be immersed in the game.

Post 3: what makes the food in games more close to the real-life food

case study: Simulation games, Cooking Mama, SIMS

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