Gaming In Education: The Pitch



Gaming is revolutionising the way we learn. Computer games for many years have been incorporated into classroom time, I remember in my very early years of primary school using spelling and mathematic games in our “computer time” and how much I’d look forward to it every week. However, if only I’d grown up 15 years later, in a world where games such as Minecraft are changing the way we learn in more ways than ever.


For this semester’s digital artefact, I will be creating a blog series to further explore and discuss the use of games as an accessory to learning. The aim will be to create a composition of 3-4 blogs that will summarise and comment on already existing information and journal extracts on gaming in education.

I plan to analyse Minecraft as a main topic of interest, there are numerous research articles and experiments already existing explaining its…

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  1. Hi Anthea!
    I am Rosie. Nowaday, video games have been considered to a hazard because they can be addictive or control people’s behavior. As a result, I really like your topic because it can be seen that game may be use in education. You have a good choice of DA when blogpost help you share content easily and clearly. To write blog post, WordPress is an effective platform. Moreover, you understated the utility of your DA. You started well when you could find many academic sources.

    Besides, your topic is big, so you need make scope be small to research. For example, you can write blog about featured games in education or games’ benefits when people use them in classroom. I think that you can promote your blog through your twitter. Finally, I found two sources to support your details and your example in blog.

    This news is about educational games:

    I searched a news from reliable web to support your evidence because I think you had a lot of academic sources, so I searched about case studies.

    I hope my comment helps. Good luck with your DA!

    Best regard,

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