What game makers can learn from playing good games

Wow, what an amazing podcast by a talented student. Trust me, I’m modest and unbiased.


Skyrim is a 2011 RPG that has been remade on many consoles and is still played today. It’s massive popularity and that it’s still fun to have many replays of can’t be because of anything less than the creativity of master game designers. Because of this, it’s bound to contain many example of important and well made mechanics.

I plan to explore and share with you what I’ve learns from playing Skyrim and hopefully learn more things along the way. You can listen in through my next four podcasts and tell me in the comments if I missed a learning opportunity.

I plan on adding pictures onto the blog posts, depending on if I can get pictures of Skyrim from my switch onto a computer.

Recap the four topics I will use to show difficulties in making games that you can turn into making the game more fun for players.

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