VR Gaming: The next step

Don't Forget Stephen

Welcome to my BCM215 DA pitch which will focus upon VR gaming and its place in casual and competitive gaming. Virtual Reality is a popular idea within the gaming industry and will explore VR in relation of casual gaming and Esports.

For a competative look into Virtual reality we can look at VR league. VRLeauge is the first and biggest Virtual reality Esports league. Their goal is to push esports forward into new innovative time for competitors and developers alike.  Thomas Weiss explores the relastionship between competative sport and virtual reality where  “virtual worlds increasingly move to competitive environments”.


As for Virtual Reality in the gaming industry for casual gamers its hard to look past some of the glairing issues that have arisen. Firstly the technology and its price points are an issue for those who concider themselves causal gammers. Not only is the issue of hardware but also…

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