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Throughout my time as someone who consistently plays games, I have owned numerous consoles. Exclusivity in gaming is something I have always been aware of.

With many other ideas for this DA, what motivated me to recently to do this topic was that one of my favourite games had recently been acquired by Epic Games, Rocket League. I have spent over 1500 hours on this game. Due to this, my interest in exclusivity in gaming peaked.

For my Digital Artifact, I will be exploring exclusivity within gaming. I will be looking at the good & bad, the community and gamers, as well as looking at multiple examples and analyzing them. While also keeping a main focus on Rocket League as the main example.”

The obvious choice for trying to analyse game exclusivity would be through YouTube videos or podcasts, I still haven’t decided yet. The pitch video below goes into…

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  1. Hey there Chris,

    First of all, love the meme, that always adds another level into a blog, making it less formal and sophisticated as an Essay. Your YouTube video was also really engaging and creative, I loved the humour you added to it and you displayed your examples alongside your intent very clearly.

    You explained what you intend to do very clearly in your blog as well, and I believe sticking to one specific game example will be good, but even better if you do mention other games that perhaps uncover the bad and good within gaming communities, and you should definitely focus on some social constructs and see if they relate to the gaming world, especially in the specific video games you will discuss.

    For example, you could focus on

    – Gender constructs, female’s vs males in the Gaming Industry, and/or your specific games of choice.

    You mentioned you would haven’t exactly decided which media format you would like to go ahead with, I believe you should focus on YouTube videos, as a Podcast will take away the visual aspect of your Digital Artefact. Especially for someone like myself who has never heard of ‘Rocket League’, a YouTube video will help me understand what the game is, what it looks like, how it is played, and then if it serves any pros or cons in the sense of exclusivity.

    You included some sources at the end of your blog which I think is a great start to a great visual essay, and I also found an article which I think can help you uncover some of the issues with exclusivity in the gaming world.


    The academic article focuses on the role certain topics within game media, but it does include exclusivity as well as game sales which is another aspect you could introduce into your Digital Artefact. Specifically, if certain games gain more recognition, inclining positive sale performance due to a specific game having an exclusivity factor?

    You should check it out!

    Otherwise well done and good luck!


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