Because Gamer’s Don’t Stereotype

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Stereotyping in Game Media is what I will be exploring in my Digital Artefact for BCM215 Game Media. I wanted to unpack this topic to gain a deeper understanding of the impact it has on societal views and structure.

This topic resinated with me for a multitude of reasons. I’m passionate about equality and am interested in the progression of societal views over time. I would ideally like to see if these societal developments marry up with the evolution of game media.

During my (little) experience in playing video games, I have found that the male is always representation as superior to women. The academic source Gender and Computer Games: Exploring Females’ Dislikes explores this notion further. The reading depicts the misrepresentation of women and how it further impacts their relationship with video games.

Stereotypes and the Media: A Re‐evaluation is another academic source that unpacks the role…

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