[BCM 215] From Rags to Pitches: A DA Exploring Adaptations.


Hey there!

Below is my Digital Artefact (DA) pitch video:

To provide a more detailed overview of the concept of my DA, I am aiming to explore the following topics that relate to media adaptations of video games and movies, (though not necessarily in this order):

– A (brief) history of media adaptations and the audience associated with video games and movies.
– An overview of both typical video game formats (for instance, RPGs, side-scrollers) and movie formats (for example, narrative arcs, three-act structure).
– Looking at the game and movie industries, the relationship between producers and consumers.
– Numerical indicators of the success of media adaptations (to illustrate, Box-office earnings, gross sales, number of players/viewers).

– Identifying participatory culture and way in which movies and games are consumed.
– Determining a set of metrics that will be utilised when…

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