[BCM215] DA Pitch: Mobile Games in China

HELLO! I am Shuning.

My Digital Artefact is ‘Mobile Games in China’. And I will build my DA around two of the most popular Mobile games in China, Honor of Kings (Wángzhě Róngyào) and PUBG Mobile(Chinese version named HePing JingYing).


I will research the development of Chinese Mobile Games from the perspective of players. I will analysis the story of characters, visual design, sound and game experience in Honor of Kings. There are 95 characters include the newest character which was released on 15 August. Almost all the characters have their own unique historical or mythological background. For example, the hero of the Journey to the West—-Sun Wukong,he is one of the most famous mythological characters in China. And the historical figures—-Shangguan Wan’er, she is famous as a poet and writer, thus her weapon is a Chinese Calligraphy Brush Pen.



In the part of PUBG mobile, I will pay more attention on version update between beta version and official version, because it has a extensive restructuring for protecting juveniles, and caused comprehensive controversy of players.


My project will be posted on YouTube and Weibo as the form of video on account of convenience and flexibility. Its target audiences is aimed at game players and people who are interested in Chinese historical and mythological figures.

Welcome your suggestions, questions and comments.
Thank you for reading.

YouTube Link:

Mobile Games in China



  1. Hello Shunning Li,
    I am interested in your topic because I have a lot of Chinese friends and they spend much time to play mobile games. So, I am curious about the development of mobile games in China. You had the right choice when you used YouTube and Weibo to become your platform and share your video. Moreover, you understand the purpose of DA, so two mobile games which you chose is popular games to research.
    However, your pitch didn’t provide the format (likely live streams, video essay…). You haven’t presented the content of the contextual essay, and you are repeating the pitch’s information, so you need to adjust it. Your topic is “the development of Chinese Mobile Games from the perspective of players.”. But the scope of your DA only focuses on analysis two mobile games: Honor of Kings and PUGB. In your pitch, you didn’t indicate how is the development of mobile games? What is the players’ experience when they play mobile games?
    For this reason, I think the topic is an excellent topic to investigate. You should focus on players’ experience in mobile games and the development of mobile games in China in recent years. Final, your DA needs to sources, and I found two sources that fit with your topic.
    It is popular news about Honor of Kings is popular because of the communication and closeness between players and their friends.
     I found an academic source for your topic and the purpose of the article is that potential elements affect people who intend to play mobile games.
    The Adoption of Mobile Games in China: An Empirical Study


  2. Hi ShuNing, I am very interested with your DA project because I played some mobile games before(included the two games that you will focus on).However, your DA topic is not clear which is kinda confused me. You chose “Mobile games in China” as your project topic, I think this topic is too big and you have to make your topic become more specific.There are many different mobile games in China, two mobile games could not represent Chinese mobile game.

    You have mentioned there were 95 characters in Honor of king based on traditional characters based on Chinese culture, maybe you can try to expend your DA on these characters such as “the connection between traditional Chinese culture and Honor of king”.

    I didn’t say you have to use it as your topic, what I want to say is try to make your DA topic become more specific.

    Heres the link that I find for you, hopefully it will help you to make your project better.

    Click to access art_dong.pdf


  3. I like the idea of comparing games together and looking at characters in depth, but your topic seems quite large, you focus on two games throughout your pitch as well as Chinese mobile games in general. I would maybe focus on say the top five mobile games in China. https://www.whatsonweibo.com/top-5-of-chinas-top-mobile-gaming-apps/ these are the top 5 games as of March 2019. I think there are just a couple of tweaks you need to make in order to get the best content possible.
    I like the idea of video essays and YouTube and Weibo being the primary platforms, I would recommend sharing your content else where as well such as reddit or other forums, on sub-reddits that are related to your topic. This sub-reddit is all about mobile games https://www.reddit.com/r/MobileGames/.
    You also seem to repeat, your pitch and blog seem to cover the same talking points, you also need some references to show research, which is what you could have put in your blog.
    I found that “China is believed to have between 603 million and 619.5 million mobile gamers.” From this article https://www.mintegral.com/en/blog/must-know-facts-and-figures-about-chinas-mobile-gaming-market/ , this could assist you I further research.


  4. Hey Shuning,

    Mobile games are great topic choice as over last ten years there has been rapid growth in this area of the gaming market/ industry. Your choice of Chinese mobile games is even more interesting as I know next to nothing about it and would like to know more.

    I would just like to say that my comment was what I was thinking at the time of writing this. That said my option is probably gonna change as I explore/ learn about game media. So take this comment with a grain of salt (as I don’t really know) so feel free to completely disagree.

    As other comments before me have stated it would have been awesome if you had decided/mentioned what media form to you would like to display your work in. It just makes your message clearer. However I do like the little clips you included of potential playable characters. By doing so it’s a nice glimpse into this topics potential cultural nuances.

    Posting on two platforms such as, Youtube and Wiebo are a great idea.
    I thought did come to mind, that maybe you spread out parts of your DA across these platforms without any overlap, kind of like a cross media promotion?

    Great game choices to compare. Visual design and game experience are great elements to compare and show off a cultural difference with in video games.

    Check this article out if you haven’t already
    ‘Here’s why Tencent’s Honour of Kings has 200 million players’

    The article looks into the e-sports side of the games as well definitely a popularity driver within video games.


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