CHICKEN CLASH! My weird card game


Chicken Clash

Chicken Clash is a semi-strategy card game that takes place in a fictional universe where up to four players enter a battle with no objective.


Aboard her starship Erixa awoke, feeling as if her heart was in her head. The AI coffee machine beeped into awareness. Consumed with the desire to feel like a bipedal life form again, Erixa requested a coffee. She took one sip, incensed, she yelled at the machine to, “Make a decent coffee.” As she was yelling this, unbeknown to anyone of importance, a tiny portal opened the fabric of space and time. Through this portal her words were carried to another universe, and of all unfortunate places the central chambers of the chicken council. It was unfortunate because what was to be the most famous peace treaty of the century was minutes away from being closed. Erixias’ words were softly heard…

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