Why Pass University When You Can Play A Game About It

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As we get further into BCM 300 Game Making we have sorted ourselves into groups and begun working on prototyping our own games. This seemed like a daunting task at first and as me and the three other members of my group were throwing around ideas somebody made a joke about designing a game around passing University. At first we laughed off the idea and continued brainstorming but every now and then you would hear “I know we aren’t doing it, but you could have X in a game about University.” After the 5th or 6th time this happened, combined with the fact brainstorming hadn’t gotten us anything else, we decided to just run with it seeing how far we could push the concept, and whether it could be a viable game for our major assignment.

Game of University (GoU), is (currently) shaping up to be a turned based card…

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