Murder in the Hay: Animal Farm meets Charlotte’s Web


Throw a bunch of farm animals, a dead farmer and a satirical story full of sabotage, lies and deceit and you get Murder in the Hay. Like finding a needle in a haystack, Noah, Emily, Koletti and I attempted to create a game which had elements of hidden information, materiality and was clearly narrative driven. What we came up with is satirical farmyard theme which is reminiscent of an Animal Farm/Charlotte’s Web style setting with an Archer aesthetic, having eight overly exaggerated farm animals with clear stereotypical personalities who are trying to unravel the mystery of a murder which has befallen their beloved farmer, quite literally, in the hay (he hit the hay hard).

We all enjoyed the manipulative, metacommunicative, hidden information theme of The Resistance and the materiality of games like Cluedo. However, bluffing games tend to become very similar to each…

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