02/ Gone with the Hay

Emily G.

Silly sausages, magic medicine and murder madness.

These were just some of the random words I was throwing together in class to articulate any ideas and themes for a potential board game. When Em (Koletti), Kris, Noahand I came together, we shared our thoughts and interests with one another. One genre that we all tended to like and enjoy playing was a mix of mystery and murder. Here we sparked an idea..

Murder in the Hay


Narrative/ Theme
With our pitch presentation next week, Kris and I are diving into the themes, rules and mechanics, creating our slides to resonate with. Murder in the Hay takes place in a satire-depicted farmyard setting, where all the animals come together and try to unravel the mysterious murder of their beloved farmer who was murdered in the hay. One deceitful, murderous animal tries blending in and does everything in…

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