Board Game Mechanics – Flash Point vs The Resistance

Sunny Commandeur

Ludwig Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher that concluded there was no essential definition of ‘game’ – It seems impossible to find catch-all similarities between everything we call a game. For every common ground we find, there is an example of a game that that somehow subverts it.

Instead, Wittgenstein proposed we instead use ‘family resemblance’ to connect the complicated web of associations the term ‘game’ brings. In the spirit of family resemblance, this post is a comparison between two games that are simultaneously quite similar, yet very different.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue(2011), and The Resistance(2009) are both physical board games, designed to be played on a table, with multiple players. Both use a mixture of material pieces and cards, with a set of rules dictating a clear beginning to end. Their development processes relied heavily on crowdfunding, and they share a publisher – Indie Boards & Cards, based in Oakland…

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