Game Prototype – Abstraction

Harrison Thomas

In this blog, i’m going to be discussing a game that I’ve created for BCM300. It is a prototype, if you couldn’t tell by the title.

I’ll be discussing the degree of abstraction in my game. Is this possible? Most likely no. Being locked in a pub when it shuts that is. Murder? a little, depends what pub.

There are various aspects within the game that make sense and some that don’t. For example, the health system. It’s not that realistic, due to the fact our overall health isn’t narrowed down to 2 life points or Health points. Maybe i’m delving too far into what abstraction is. The real question is, do parts of the game relate or come from real life things. Does the games theme have a real life correlation?

For the most part, yes. Except there isn’t a killer, an accomplice and a detective stuck in a…

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