Game Making – Materials

Harrison Thomas

So in this blog post, i’ll be talking about the materials used for my game that i’ve been making this semester for BCM300. I’ve changed the concept of my game already! Because I feel that the futuristic theme didn’t play too much into the game itself. So I’ve changed it.

I’ll explain.

I drew inspiration from other games like “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” and “Mafia”, incorporating aspects of each and using similar ideas in the game I’ve created, called “The Lockout Inn”.

“The Lockout Inn” is located in a city similar to Sydney and shows a potential outcome of the devastating 1am or 2am lockout laws placed on the city. That outcome being a group of people locked in a pub until they open up later that afternoon.

So, back to the materials. The materials I’m going to be using are cardboard for the box (of course), cardboard playing cards…

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