Week 12


With this semester coming to a close, we are wrapping up the play testing of our games in class. Today I play tested my card game – ‘Name That Quote!’ with David, Liam and Mel. It was a successful play test with everyone enjoying the game but also giving me constructive feedback.

The main feedback I received was to proof read a few of the cards, I had two spelling mistakes in the cards and they also suggested if ‘Name That Quote’ was further developed to have more categories and cards.



A fun card game for all ages!

      Recommended players: 3 or more



  • 1X ‘Name That Quote’ deck of cards


  • Yellow Cards: World Quotes
  • Green Cards: Film Quotes
  • Black Cards: Culture Quote


  • To correctly identify the quote on the playing card, read by the ‘Quoter’


  • The first…

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