Individual Game: Abstraction, Rules & Reflection


Coming to the conclusion of BCM 300: Game Making, I’ve come to the realisation that I have written one too many blogs, so in this final blog post I will be combining a few together.

To gain a further understanding of ‘Draw the Logo’ and to see the progression of creating this board game, I have linked my other weekly blog posts as followed:

  1. Individual Game: Ideation
  2. Individual Game: Prototype and Material Components
  3. Individual Game: First Playtest
  4. Individual Game: Second Playtest

Abstraction Definition

To begin with, abstraction is a conceptual process, that is a series of mental activities, where rules are derived from literal signifiers. In other words, to abstract something is to reduce its complexity, transforming it to its simplistic and fundamental elements.

Timeline of Logo’s

Whilst conducting some background research, I found a really interesting post that highlights the history of logo designs. In short, the post…

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