BCM300 – Rules and Game loop of Concept

Mark Johnson

Shuffle all 3 decks and place corners on the board
Place player marker on first space

Have to choose whether to use resource before the roll in an encounter
When a board piece is placed it must be rotated to an open side of the players choosing
This means that walls or gold bomb walls may not be pointed towards the square the players are on, this restricts the amount of options the players have and will continue to move through the dungeon.
When an encounter is lost a rand

Game loop
⁃ Place character pieces on start
⁃ Place first board piece
⁃ If there is an encounter or resource space play through
⁃ Either;
⁃ Encounter – Pick up an encounter card, choose to use a resource to use then roll 2 d6’s     to try and beat the number on the encounter card
⁃ Resource…

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