BCM300 – Individual Game Ideas

Mark Johnson

In class we participated in a brainstorm activity to generate random ideas for our individual projects, after throwing together themes, genres and mechanics I came up with these game concepts.

  1. Medieval Combat – Card game. Army based teams including knights, paladins, ranged artillery, squires etc. Different units would have stats in attack, defence and range. teams would be distinguished by colour.
  2. Dungeon Crawler – Randomly generated Map. see below
  3. Deaf vs Blind – Party guessing game. Teams would either be blindfolded or have earmuffs and have to solve different challenges using senses that are not obstructed.
  4. Spaceship – Resource and maintenance game. Faster Than Light and Galaxy Truckers inspired resource game.
  5. Higher Lower – Dice game. Simple higher/lower betting dice game
  6. Street Race – Traditional race board game. Point based movement around a track with pitstop and fuel maintenance.
  7. Tower – Physical Tetris-like building game – Reverse Jenga style building…

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