BCM 300 – Rules

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For my final BCM300 blog post, I have written up the first portion of the rule book for my independent game creation, detailing the turn phase and going in-depth with some of the mechanics and their purposes and utilizing the feedback from the play test

­­­Game Rule Book

Minimum 3 Players

Game Setup

  1. Assign a game master
  2. Set up board
  3. Sort cards – create pile on dedicated area on board for gear cards
  4. Each player is given a character sheet and role card – do not reveal your role card.
  5. Each player draws 2 gear cards
  6. Starting from the game masters left, the game progresses through the turn phase

Turn Phase (quick reference)

  1. Wakeup – ensure hand size meets criteria, activate cards
  2. Day Phase – Stat Increase OR Search room
  3. Break – Discussion, trading, consuming, card activation, take/donate to community pool
  4. Night Phase – Stat Increase OR Search
  5. Sleep –…

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