Escaping the Netherworld – First Episode: Materiality


In the previous week, I had proposed an idea for Escaping The Netherworld as my individual board game. Working on the initial concept I have for this game, I experimented with the most fundamental components – the board and cards. The game is a story of the sinners trying to get out of Hell in one piece, thus the idea of splitting the board into a map of the Netherworld would enhance the role-playing experience.

The conceptualisation of Hell in Buddhism embraces a multi-layered meaning with Karma being one of its core philosophy. A pool of character in my game will have certain perks along with their sins from the past, thus making them weak against certain monsters.

IMG_5889.JPG The first prototype of the map


The objective of the game orbits working together to run away, avoiding the monsters at all cost, learning a truth about their sins and escaping…

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