Mercenary Match : Materials

Studio A

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This week I experimented with MANY different things trying to take my original inspirations as discussed in my other blog post and turn it into something playable. A whole lot of racking my brain, drawing up drafts and taking notes.

One thing experimented with was the name of the game Mercenary Match, this was basically chosen by looking up synonyms for Fighter and Fight. This name is a definite one up from Fighting Fighters that’s for sure. The Mercenaries in question are the characters the player chooses to fight with, players will “hire” aka pick their mercenary(/ies) and then pick a base to start at. (Rules to be mentioned in a later post)

The Game Anatomy so far includes:

  • A map
  • 21 mercenary drafts
  • 21 Tokens representing the mercenaries
  • Area of effect cards? (Still unsure until play test is done involving them)

As of…

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