Game Rules

I believe that through the playtesting stages of my game I have been able to change a lot of the rules of the game to make it more user-friendly and easier to play.

My game aims to get rid of all the cards in your hand through gameplay. To do this, players must put down one card per loop while reciting the cards before they put down their own card. If players fail to recite all cards in order, the player will have to pick up the pile of cards and add them to their deck. The game’s rules will be explained more in depth below:


  • Instructions will be in the box with the cards
  • Shuffle the deck before use
  • Each player will receive 5 cards to start the game
  • The first player is determined by the lowest age
  • The rest of the cards become the deck and are placed close to where players will put down cards
  • The aim is to get rid of all cards in your hand



  • Players are only allowed to put one card down at a time during their turn
  • Players are to say out loud the cards that other players have put down previously before putting down their own card (starting with the bottom card and working your way up)
  • Players can call others out if they made a mistake in reciting the cards
  • If players recite the cards being put down in the wrong order, they will need to pick up these cards and they will become a part of the cards in their hand
  • Players can use action cards in order to start the process of confrontation, these can be only used during the start of their turn
  • Only one action card can be used per turn
  • You can’t finish the game with an action card
  • Players can only pick up extra cards from the deck 3 time throughout the game, but only during their turn. (‘Draw‘ action cards don’t count)

The gameplay loop should look something like this:


Action Cards:

  • Reverse – Changes the direction of game play. If players are going clockwise, switch to counterclockwise or vice versa.
  • Skip – When a player places this card, the next player has to skip their turn.
  • Draw – A player has to pick up an amount of the cards shown on the card and forfit their turn. Draw cards can be stack on top of each other if they are the same number, this will continue until a player doesnt have a draw card
  • Clear – Players who put this card down stop the current game from continuing, and start a new one on top of the cards. Players only recite what is above the CLEAR card.



  • The winner is the player who gets rid of all the cards in their hand first
  • Once a player has emptied their hands, the game can go on to find out who wins next or be finished – It’s up to the players.

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