Carnival Ducks: Game rules, prototyping and play testing

This week I have further protyped the Carnival Ducks game (see bellow images) and play tested it with other students, as well as play tested their games. I have also further refined the game rules.

Updated Game Rules

Roll up, roll up, it’s time to play a game of Carnival Ducks! For only 2 gold coins a turn you must catch a little duck using your flimsy fishing rod and then turn the duck over to see whether you win gold coins or lose them, or maybe even get free turn. There are people in line to play the game so you only have 15 seconds per turn, so make it snappy. The winner throughout the game gets to hold onto the teddy bear trophy, and the person that ends up with the most coins when there are no ducks left gets to keep it, so good luck!

Game components

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