Rules & A Prototype!

homebrew drafts.

After having the game exist in the form of draft rules, sketches and smaller sets of cards for (what feels like) weeks on end, I finally have a fully playable prototype of Jobs & Growth! This version includes 36 cards (12 Assets, 12 Commodities, 6 Pollies and 6 Issues) as well as a basic Growth & Turn counter, paper chits representing currency and 18 3D-printed Meeples to represent Jobs.

As indicated in the above photos, even after four iterations of rules, the sheet I brough with me still didn’t make sense to a new player – I found myself having to step in and help. This is partially due to the rulesheet itself still reading very much like a draft – there is very little flavour, and explanations of components & goals are lumped in with mechanical explanations, making for a very convoluted read. It’s not that the rules…

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