Game Design: Abstraction in Simulation Mindy

Following my initial game proposal and discussion of philosophies and material components, this post will look at abstraction in game design.


picasso Abstract art by Pablo Picasso (source)

The game itself is based on an abstract concept. Simulation theory is something we are unlikely to ever prove and currently has more interest from a conspirator’s perspective than a scientific or philosophical one.

“Everything you can imagine is real” (Pablo Picasso)

While Bostrom’s simulation theory is an abstract concept (in that a lot of academia argues it has few implications for the ‘real world’), and I’m exploring it in an abstract sense (i.e. reducing it to its basic elements) the way I’m presenting it is fundamentally an illustration of the theory. My argument is that simulation theory, and the context in which I’m exploring it (ibid), has a significant real world correlate.

abstract scale


I have developed a draft rulebook…

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