Abstraction & Prototyping

homebrew drafts.

This week, developing a prototype for Jobs & Growth has involved refining my ruleset – ironically, considering this week was Budget Week in the Federal Parliament, the most intense focus was on a rejigging of the game’s economy. Despite most of the game’s rules being representational of an actual economy, the victory conditions in the most recent version of the rules (somehow, I’ve gotten to a fourth revision of the rules without any in-class playtesting) are more abstract, purely due to the fact that, without it, the game could potentially go on indefinitely.

Simply put, should the Economic Growth slider drop below -10%, or drop by 5% in one turn, the game ends automatically; otherwise, the game continues for 12 turns, and at the end of these turns, the player with the greatest number of Jobs produced by their Assets wins the game. I refined this after having played two…

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