BCM Blog Post 7

I believe my game has a great degree of abstraction. At the moment the cards are just labelled as different types (fire, grass and water). Once I actually create different designs for each monster and it’s evolutions, the idea will be more evident. The player is catching monsters in order to grow, evolve and use in battle. The player develops a connection as the might decide to catch a monster that looks the coolest or is the strongest. The abstraction is catching a monster with “balls”. The monsters are represented through cards and the balls are represented through chips or tokens.


At the moment when play testing the game just feels like events are occurring (pick a tier 1, end turn, next turn, pick tier 2). I hope this will change once I implement actual designs. I play tested with Eliza once again this week, due to the limited time we only got one play in. The game went by quickly as I Eliza already knew the rules and knew what to do. The next step in my game is to play with new players who have never played, this is to see how easy the game is to learn and execute. Another change I will make is to make the “ball” distribution more like Splendor. This is to have the “balls” in a “bank” and players take and put back depending on what they do in their turn. I am currently distributing an even amount of balls to each player. Hopefully the change of a “bank” will produce better gameplay.

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