My Contribution to the Group Game Project

Our final blueprint, The Balancing Act, was very much a collaborative effort between Ashleigh, Zoe, Bec and myself. Although our group dynamic was great, in retrospect this fairly simple game could have been designed with a smaller group. The four of us found it difficult to ensure each person felt they were contributing enough.

Although we all pitched a set of mechanics around our decided concept of the student work/life balance, my set of mechanics was the one we ultimately decided to modify and focus on. I went on to design the cards using Canva, and design and write the rulebook in an infographic format.

the balancing act final Created using Canva

My research looked at the vehicles we could potentially use to produce and distribute our game. I found Meeple to be a strong potential manufacturer because of its quality reputation and wide range of game products on the market.

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