D-OOO That To Me One More Game

Welcome to the Machine

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As I commence writing about the prototyping stage of my game so far, I feel an intense surge of frustration at my inability to produce anything. I am such a novice in the area of any type of game playing that I am constantly fighting an overwhelming urge to give up this crazy quest to design my own game. But then I think of Jesse Schell and say to myself “I am a game designer” and slowly the despair seems to dissipate.Enough at least for me to talk a little about the philosophy of objects or OOO, aka object oriented ontology. OOO is a relatively new term which has only been around since Graham Harman wrote about it in his 1999 PHD thesis. My interpretation of OOO is that objects have their own vibe or presence and it is not just our perception of them that makes…

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