Individual Game: Abstraction and Prototyping

Individual Game: Abstraction and Prototyping

Ray Nguyen

According to More (C, 2018), abstraction in a board game context is a conceptual process that the game’s theme does not correlate with the real world. An abstract strategy game minimizes randomization and the effects of luck. Games can offer various degrees of abstraction by providing players with challenges that can be resolved using logic.  Abstraction is the opposite of representation, which reproduces through resemblance.

Regarding the individual game that I discussed last week, Stairway to Hell offers a balanced degree of abstraction and representation. First of all, my game applies the use of dice to move player’s character around the board, which illustrates the effects of luck used in the game. This appears to contradict the nature of abstraction in game context.  On the other hand, the theme of the game is about the fighting against the devil, which does not actually have a real life correlation. Instead, it acts as…

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