Prototyping begins!

Well, I picked the wrong week to miss class! So apparently in class, we were provided with A4 paper, in order to begin prototyping our individual games. Therefore, this post will be introducing my very rough prototype/blueprint for my chosen idea Slasher! (see last week’s post) and discussing the possible game mechanics that will be utilised.

Before I started prototyping the game, I already knew that there wouldn’t be an extensive amount of physical materials involved, as the game is essentially a ‘what if’ scenario, with a massive role-playing component. Physical components that would be involved, however, include character cards (each representing a slasher-character trope), choice cards (which come into play at the end of each round), player tokens , black circle tokens (randomized mix of health boosts , weapons and key components to fixing the car, which is one of the ways for players to win) and of course the game board.

Regarding the game’s abstraction, I have already noticed that, as a prototype, the game needs to be simplified for play-testing. Therefore, in the first play-test, I will be omitting the use of choice cards, so that I can get a firmer grasp on how well the basic mechanics of the game work.

Game Board Prototype 1     Overall Prototype 1

During the week and in class, I have been principally focused in locking in the initial game rules, in order to be able to conduct the first play-test next week.

Below are the set of rules, determined at the time of writing:

  1. All players, except whoever is the killer, starts the game in the same quadrant
  1. In order to win, players (who aren’t the killer) must either collect all the key components fix their car or kill the killer. The killer, however, must try and kill the rest of the players.
  1. At the end of each round, a player is given a choice card where a scenario is proposed that will have possible repercussions on the rest of the game.
  1. Players have 15 seconds to make a decision (unless their character has a + intelligence trait
  1. If the final girl dies, the game is over
  1. Players get 4 action movement points per turn and begin the game with 10 health points
  1. Players may store action movement points for their next turn, but must use at least 1 point per turn


Be sure to check in next week, where I’ll be discussing the feedback from the first play-test.


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