BCM300 Playtesting and Abstraction


To follow on with my game development from the previous week of playtesting as suggested by those in my playtesting group, I have further developed my game and experimented with a slightly differed scoring system, as well as realising ways to improve logistics of my game
My game (working title) ‘Noun knock off’ has improved as suggested by adding far more difficult adjectives including complex adjectives such a romantic and toasty and crunchy. It was recommended after my previous session of playtesting that it’d be a good idea to increase the difficulty of the adjectives words so that failure to guess them was more common and that challenging adjectives were common. This adds an element to the game in which there are some very simple adjectives like happy, while others like ‘toasty’ which aren’t as simple to draw over the top of another drawing. While a happy tree, might be…

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