BCM300 – Abstraction and Play-testing

Eliza Appel

This week in our Gamemaking class, we had a look at abstraction and what that means for our individual games. Abstraction is essentially taking something and developing its conceptual ideas, the very base qualities. Abstract art allowed artists to look at works through a new angle as they went against traditional techniques and represented them in a form that was less multidimensional.

In my personal game “Volcano Run!” as an abstraction it is simply a race game. Beat the other competitors to the end of the board before time runs out. The most fun is in the pace of the game, the race, the struggle to overcome obstacles to be the first to the end. Another abstraction of my game is the scenarios. You land on a space and you go through a scenario.  But inherently, if you removed the theme, and the scenarios themselves were as simple as…

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