The Initial Makings Of A Game


In BCM300 week 7, we were taught to be creative with no restraints as this often results in some of the best creative work, and thus a creative game. As part of a class activity we were to quickly generate 10 game ideas off the top of our heads- they could be as creative, ridiculous and/or far-fetched as we wanted. One idea I impulsively wrote down which stood out to me was a game about collecting rings (the jewellery). I’m going to treat this ideas as the main idea for my game project- however, I may be prone to change it later on during the research phase.


While looking at my own hands I noticed rings, and wrote this down as an idea for a game during class- with no idea of how I would develop it. I started thinking about immigration, pirates, looting, colonialism, medievalism, 19th Century Europe…

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