Individual Game Idea: Prototype and Material Components


Draw the Logo


To correctly identify different brands through drawing their logo as necessary to advance on the board until one team reaches the finish point.

Equipment Prototype:

  • Game board
  • One-minute plastic timer
  • 60 x cards (50 x logo and 10 x challenge cards)
  • 2 x whiteboards & markers
  • 2 x playing pieces

Setting up Game Prototype:

  • Lay out board game
  • Place the timer and the cards at the top of the board game in their designated areas so that all players have access to them
  • Divide equally into two teams of two or four
  • Provide each team with a whiteboard, marker and play piece
  • Place playing piece in the start squares on the board

IMG_7340.jpgHow to Win:

The first team to land on the finish square and guess the logo correctly wins the game.

Mechanics of the Game:

Logo Cards – These cards will have a range…

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