Prototyping – Jobs & Growth

homebrew drafts.

Developing Structural Adjustment this week revolved around considering the mechanics for the game and the components associated with these – in addition to having an in-game currency represented through small 3D-printed cubes, I’ve also been working on a card-based mechanic called the Market, and a rough economic growth mechanic.

Essentially, this involves a finite number of commodities (bread, metal etc.) represented through cards dealt on a board. Each earns amount of in-game currency (gold) per turn – if multiples of the same commodity card are played on the board, the amount of gold reduces by N cards. This feeds into the Growth mechanic, being represented on a sliding scale (-10% to +10%); the more growth, the more currency the group gains per turn and the closer to a win.

30972845_1822870221067102_1456104054_o.jpg Prototype economic growth slider and commodity cards.

31366162_1822870201067104_1549219020_o.jpg An earlier version of the Market featured randomised price setting. 

With these mechanics…

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