Individual Game Project: Ideas


I was skeptical at the beginning, whether I want to produce a fantasy-based game the same way I did with Castle Showdown. Hence I trapped myself in such thinking and failed to come up with an idea for the individual game project. This situation only got better when I did the intensive 10-minute session of brainstorming ideas in class, 10 ideas in 10 minutes thus I must draw from any inspirations, even those in my childhood. The ideas including:

  • Escaping the Netherworld
  • Outerspace civilization
  • Parliament Rush
  • Surviving the inhumane
  • Card memory game
  • The humanity in the rise of Artificial Intelligence
  • The investor
  • Humans vs Aliens: the search for a new galaxy
  • The ultimate YouTuber
  • Bomb detection

While Parliament Rush offers a relatively uncommon gaming experience like other board games I have played before, I was drawn to the concept of intertwining politics with entertainment. Chris Moore mentioned the reference…

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