BCM300 WEEK 8, Draw and RUIN? Playtesting!


For this week within BCM300, I intended to develop one of my many ideas from the previous week. However, during class I didn’t feel like further developing any of those ideas in particular so spent most of my time brainstorming a new game idea with a focus on a game that I’d enjoy playing.

This lead me towards creating a game for playtesting with the working title ‘Draw and Ruin.’

The game has a similar feel to it to Dixit, as well as Pictionary.

The game works, by players, taking turns to draw a noun that they are given randomly from a deck of cards, while all other players work to guess the noun. After doing so, the player that is before that player is then given an adjective and then has to draw over the original drawing of the noun.
Photo 27-4-18, 10 51 03 am

From play testing the game, the most…

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