Individual Game: Materiality and Prototyping

Ray Nguyen

As Ian Bogost discussed in his book ‘Alien Phenomenology, Or, What It’s Like to be a Thing‘: the activity of getting something to work, whether it is a table, a program or a board game, is called ‘carpentry’. The game maker as a carpenter has to cope with “the material resistance of his or her chosen form” in order to turn the object into a philosophy. When applying Bogost’s idea to the process of making a board game, philosophical carpentry helps portray the relationships between objects and objects and accordingly conveys ideas to us – the players.

Following my initial ideas discussed in my blog post last week, I have decided to make my game based on the mythological theme. My game will be called ‘Stairway to Hell’, a board game where players become a hero in one of the following races of creatures: human, wizards, elves and…

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