BCM Blog Post 6


I created my prototype with A4 paper and miniature tokens. I began by cutting the paper to make small playing cards. These cards are the “monster cards”. I then created three different types of cards, fire, water and grass. The three types were then further divided into three tiers, tier 1, 2 and 3. As stated in the previous blog post, these tiers act as evolutions forthe monsters with tier 1 being the the first and tier 3 being the final evolution. An example for the tiers is, tier 1 Charmander, tier 2 Charmelon and tier 3 Charizard. The tokens were used as “pokeballs” which are used to capture the monster. The balls were specific to each tier as red balls caught tier 1 monsters, blue tier 2 and green tier 3. I also added a black token which acted as a “masterball” which can catch any tier of monster.


I began my first play test with Eliza and Jei. I gave the players an even amount of tokens. Four of each token except for the master token which I distributed as one each. The first play test went quickly and ended in a stalemate, this was not ideal but I found clear ways of improvement.

Due to the first play test I realised I needed more types of monsters to add more strategy as it was too easy to upgrade from tier to tier. An idea for the  project is to add more fire, water and grass monsters. An example is having the Charmander evolutions and also Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typlhosion and Torchic, Combuskin and Blaziken. For the purpose of a rough draft I created symbols for each type. These symbols were a star, swirl and a rectangle and represented the different types of monster evolutions. After the change I myself performed a second play test with Eliza which went much better than the first. The game went for longer and we actually had to think of a strategy for which “monsters” to “catch”.IMG_9333

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