BCM 300 Blog Post 4

Our individual contribution to the group prototype pitch was spread evenly with the exception of Jei coming up with the original idea of our game and Eliza creating the template for our presentation.

We each shared different ideas in early stages of planning. An example is myself campaigning for a circular style board rather than a rectangular board as this challenged the Ameritrash vs Euro debate we had. We ultimately went for a rectangular board as we had a limited amount of time to complete the pitch and furthermore was a simpler concept.

Our blog posts required us to discuss the theme and also game mechanics. We decided split these posts for the project into four separate sections which would allow us to combine them all for the final presentation.

  • The pieces and physical elements of the game.
  • What players can do each turn.
  • How the game begins and ends.
  • The effect of the terrain cards.

I discussed the effect of the terrain cards in great detail.

For the creation of our presentation we once again split its production into four sections. We would then speak about our own section in during the presentation, creating an even amount of work for all members.

The four sections were

  • Narrative
  • Mechanics
  • Comparable Products
  • Distribution

I discussed the mechanics of the game as I already spoke about the terrain cards which were already key mechanics.

We all worked extremely well as a group to create the pitch. There were no problems with the group in relation to individual work loads and completing set tasks on time.

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