Initial Ideas for Individual Game

Prior to last week’s class, I was convinced that I had my individual game idea set in stone. That particular idea, revolving around the film industry, is still my main and more developed idea, but following the “10 ideas in 10 minutes” exercise conducted in class, I have come up with several other ideas, as back ups. However, this post will not introduce all ten ideas but instead discuss my four favourites, that I can envision being developed.

The first idea is a game called Hypothetical! and is a party card game where players must come up with creative answers to absurd  hypothetical questions and situations.

The second idea is a sci-fi horror inflected game called Escape Pod, where players must compete against each other to reach the last remaining escape pod, in order to evade the clutches of terrifying space creatures.

alien isolation

My third idea, Slasher, sees players attempting to escape the clutches of a killer, and can either decide to work together or fight for themselves. This idea is actually one of my favourite ones and is most likely the one I will follow through with. In thinking more about this game, I decided that incorporating self-aware/meta components to game mechanics could make it more interesting for players, particularly those who are very horror-literate. The idea for Slasher was primarily influenced by  two video games, Until Dawn and Friday the 13th, rather than actual board games.


Finally, my fourth idea, which I briefly introduced earlier is a game called Let’s Make a Movie, which is a simulation-based game set in the film industry. Players must work together to produce a film, whilst overcoming various on-set and off-set problems. The goal is to make a profitable film and the profitability of the film is determined by how well the players solve the problems thrown at them.  The level of difficulty can be adjusted, and is dependent on the genre and type (Franchise film is hardest- Indie film is easiest). Genre and type (i.e. indie, franchise or mid-budget) of film being made is randomly chosen at the beginning of the game.


At this point, I have yet to properly decide which idea I will follow through with, although the thinking is that it will be either Slasher or Let’s Make a Movie. Hopefully, by my next post, I will have decided and begun work on one of these ideas.


  1. These are some great ideas. I particularly like Escape Pod – the fact that there’s only one pod remaining adds a nice bit of pressure to the game’s competitive nature. Looking forward to hearing which one you go with! 🙂


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