Being creative is definitely not one of my strong suites. So in this class when we had ten minutes to create ten different game ideas, naturally I freaked out. I struggled to come up with one, let alone ten. I wasted a good four minutes freaking out thinking of games I liked and another few minutes on just trying to google board game ideas. Some of the ideas I came up with were:

  1. Calorie Corner
  2. Memory Game
  3. Draw the Logo
  4. Name the Quote
  5. Oops, Sorry!
  6. Drama, Drama, Drama
  7. Oven or Chicken

These ideas were literally based off of silly games I would randomly play with my friends over the years. While most of these are verbal guessing games, I thought to myself.. ‘how can I make one of these games into a physical board game, that anyone could play?’ I was instructed to choose one of my options and further…

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