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The class participated in 2 exercises in class that assisted us in developing ideas for our invalid board game for our final project. they were “10 board games in 10 minutes” and using ‘Jesse Schell’s Game Lenses’ to workshop other ideas to fit within certain frameworks. From the first activity, I came up with the following ideas;

  • Apple iPhone Pitch Simulator
  • Short, burst fire, coop, crime card game
  • Co-op city resource management game, different people responsible for different subdivisions of government.
  • World discovery board game
  • School Life Simulator
  • Create a successful post-apocalyptic wartime bunker resource management game
  • Defeat the zombie hoard
  • 80’s Sci-fi, giant monster, 1v1 game.
  • Space Pirates and Martians
  • ‘That 1 customer’ board game

Richard would identify 1 or 2 game ideas in every students list and we would formulate ideas to develop their board games. The input from Richard and the other class members helped everyone come…

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